Friday, July 13, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

Well I got my projector today! I took over the spare bedroom in the house and setup a makeshift table to test things out. I wanted to check for a few things...

a) how difficult would it be to get the projector image straight when going from horizontal to vertical via the mirror reflection

b) how much infrared light the projector gave off

c) if the projector would look washed out with some regular lights on

Here's what I found out. It was pretty easy to get the projector to show up on my screen. I was even more surprised with how well vellum worked as a projection surface. When I turned on my IR webcam to check the projector it picked up virtually no IR light. It gets even better though, because even with with all the lights on in the room the projection was still crisp and the contrast looked great. All in all... I'm feeling pretty good about the project. Check out some pics!

1 comment:

donovan said...

photo's usually don't do projector justice. so i wouldn't be surprised if it looked even better in real life! but that does look like an awesome projector! great photos!