Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Change of Direction

Well a few days ago I recieved my silicone-rubber sheet from Gravano of After getting it setup on my table and doing some more work on my software I was able to get pretty good finger tracking. The problems came the next day, when my software went crazy because of a little bit of ambient daylight in the room. Since I want to use this technology someday in the classroom, this presents a roadblock.

So, I've now decided to shift my focus from FTIR (sides of acrylic lit with IR LEDs) to diffused illumination (front or rear lit with IR LEDs). So far the results are promising. I've uploaded a video of me testing out the surface.

I think this is definately the way to go. Just looking at the video, it's clear to see I get fairly accurate results using only ambient light. With a rear lit setup, I'm sure I can make this work even better. That's it for today.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Nation... I got you a giftcard.


macbirdie said...

I'd like to ask, what are you using as a diffuser?

macbirdie said...

Oh, sorry, never mind. Found in the next post. ;)

Keep up the good work!

spike said...

Hi, please help me, i need to do the same something as you with day light, can you give me a schemas of your work???? thanks very much!

Mikey said...

Hi Spike,
I have switched to using the LLP method, with a diffuser between two sheets of acrylic.

spike said...

Ok, thanks, sorry, what do you use as diffuser? can i tray with tracing paper? and you need a IR illuminator or just sun light? this schemas can work.

PROJECTOR-> | | ___
IR-CAMERA-> | | / \ sunlinght
| | \___/
| |

Thanks for response!