Friday, November 30, 2007

Say Cheese!

I've been testing out the Canon SDK for an powershot model I have and I finally got it to work! I made a simple console app that starts the sdk, connects to the camera, and then takes a pictures and saves it to the computer. Not bad for a few hours of shuffling through documentation ;) How this works into my multitouch project... that's my secret for now!

In other news, I made the final screen for my multitouch box using the glue method I previously described. I'll admit, it was much more challenging than I initially thought, simply because of the size. I ended up diluting the glue to a thin consistency and then spraying it on the acrylic. I then used a large squeegee to get all the excess glue and air out from under the rosco grey. Overall, the screen looks great. I should be able to get it reinstalled into the big box so I can test the image quality.

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