Monday, September 3, 2007

Squash those bugs!

If you saw the video of my photo app in the last post, you'll notice some flickering when I touch two photos that overlap. I fixed that bug (it was a problem with ordering). I also added velocities to the photos, so you can flick 'em and send them sliding down the screen. It's fun :)


YJL said...

you're setup looks owesome and I was thinking all the way that DI would be better than FTIR (nice to find out it's true).
I was interested in building a DI setup myself but cannot afford a projector and was thinking of using a regular LCD instead (as the screen itself).
Do you think is will work or is there something I fail to forsee.
thanks in advance

Mikey said...

Thanks for the comment! DI is a simpler and more robust than FTIR for sure. I've even got mine working in room with ambient sunlight. I'm not sure about using an LCD, but I remember reading about someone trying it on nuigroup. Go check out their forums and you might be able to find something.